Welcome to the Old Testament


I have recently had more time on my hands and am going to get into theology more seriously. I have just received my new module: Introduction to The Old Testament from London School of Theology.
So here we go…

First thing to think about – Jesus read and used the OT.

1] The OT had power in it to help Jesus overcome the evil one (Matthew 4). So it’s not something old and lifeless.

2] The important events in Jesus’ life – his birth, ministry, life, death and resurrection are all foretold in the OT. This is something that all Christians would agree to but it is a profound truth worth contemplating. This implies quite simply that God is speaking through the Old Testament, how else could it predict the future so accurately?Movie Fifty Shades Darker (2017)

So from these two simple points we know that the OT is

God breathed