Notes from Son of God no Amazon Prime

I learned a few interesting nuggets of information watching Son of God from Amazon Prime.

The references from Ignatious were interesting. I looked them up in the book, Early Christian Writings. Penguin, translated by Maxwell Staniforth. 1987 version.

Ignatious – in his letters to various churches talks about Jesus as our God.
Ignatious to Polycarp (end of the letter) – Farewell always in our God Jesus Christ.
Ignatious’s Epistle to the Ephesians (beginning of the letter) – … by the will of the Father and Jesus Christ our God.
later on it that letter – … Jesus Christ our God was conceived by Mary of the seed of David and of the Spirit of God
Ignatious to the Romans (beginning of the letter) – All perfect happiness in Jesus Christ our God…
Ignatious to the Smyrnaeans (beginning of the letter) – Glory be to Jesus Christ, the Divine one.

These letters are all written approximately 110AD.

Also the reference from Pliny.

Pliny – talks about Christians singing to Christ as to a God. This is in a letter to the Emperor Trajan. Text can be found here.