Finding God in the Psalms

This is a collection of unpolished thoughts on this book which I have been reading over the last month.

What I have taken away which I consider of most importance is that all of creation is worshipping God, and that when we engage in worship, especially singing and praying the psalms, we are transformed. Like the tree mentioned in Psalm 1 beside a stream that produces fruit at the proper time, worship transforms us.

I also found it helpful to consider the different context of each Psalm. Was it written near the Temple, or after its destruction, or far away from it? Considering the importance of Psalms that focus on Torah, presumably after the destruction of the Temple, such as Ps 119.

I hadn’t really considered looking at successive psalms and topics carried over.

N T Wright mentions Time and Space. In regard to Time, the Psalms look back to Israel’s covenant with God and times of deliverance, particularly the Exodus. They also look forward in hope to when God will rescue them again.

In terms of space, many Psalms talk of YHWH dwelling at the Temple. Others about YHWH filling the whole earth.

N T Wright recommends reading throught the Psalter each month – so 5 a day.