Most people have some end goal when looking at statistical information about a certain subject. It might be

  1. what sort of client buys my cars most so I can target that demographic with advertising
  2. what is the distribution or concentration of trees across a county or country so the government can see which areas need more tree planting
  3. how is the population of certain endangered species doing
  4. what is the average WIFI speed in different areas.

Different questions lead to different types of answers. For 1 the main factors may be age and income, in which case a scatter plot could be helpful.

for 2 that will be simply concentration though you need to consider at what scale you do that,

Coloured shading might help or a point with size representing the density

e.g. distribution of Oaks. See here https://herbaria.plants.ox.ac.uk/bol/ancientoaksofengland/distribution.

for 3 that would normally be a time series – frequency counts over time represented on an axis with frequency on the y-axis and time on the x-axis

For number 4 you could deal with it like 2.