My thoughts on current English denominations and their key aspects of Spirituality.

Pentecostal – like to feel God, hear from God (prophecy), speak in tongues (want to see stuff)! Prophecy and the hope of revival very important. Looking for perfection. Faith based. Often anti-intellectual.
Church of England – Middle class. Not too serious, but not too lax. Quality of devotion greatly varies from church to church. More recently wanting to connect more emotionally with God. Some going to the high-side for this – taize and candles. Others to the HTB praying in tongues and jumping up and down side!


Salvation Army – Want to be busy for God – achieve things for God. Tradition. Veneration of William Booth. Music very important. Very good hymns – one of the main ways people can remind themselves of doctrine. Collecting money – lots!

Baptist – a bit wet!

Quaker – very quiet! Lost their way a lot – shame. Very interested in what God is doing now but don’t seem to realise that God does not change and so God’s word gives us the principles for how God works and gives us a good idea of what God wants now. Want to hear from God.