What would a Jew in the first century of thought of the Gospel of Matthew on first reading, given no prior knowledge of Christianity? What would they thought of Jesus? Would they have considered that he was portrayed as divine?Movie A Dog’s Purpose (2017)

Consider the following events:

  • He acted like he had authority to forgive sins
  • He had control over angels; called them his angels
  • He said he would sit at the right hand of God
  • He said that he would judge all men on the day of Judgement
  • He considered believers as his people
  • Jesus said that he was the only one that truly knew God
  • He had power over nature
  • Jesus considered himself able to give commandments of his own authority
  • He rose from the dead and raised others from the dead
  • A voice from heaven (God) said that Jesus was his Son with whom he was well pleased.