Tribes in Deborah?

I am reading The Oxford History of the Biblical World.

A few interesting points. There are parallel stories. One of the most surprising is that from the Song of Deborah you count 10 tribes, not 12. Of which 2 are not considered tribes generally.

Notes from Son of God no Amazon Prime

I learned a few interesting nuggets of information watching Son of God from Amazon Prime.

The references from Ignatious were interesting. I looked them up in the book, Early Christian Writings.

By the Hand of Mormon

The founder was called Joseph Smith. Born 1805 and dies 1844. The Book of Mormon was published in 1830. He did not have an educated background. He lived in an era when folk spirituality was a big part of Christianity and prophecy and visions were very popular.

Notes from the Conclusion to Echoes of Scripture in the Letters of Paul

Paul quotes most from Isaiah, The Psalms, Deuteronomy and Genesis. Isaiah is an obvious choice with its large focus on eschatological hope, and also the inclusion of the gentiles. The Psalms would be a good choice as the songbook of the Jews and the early Christians. Deuteronomy’s emphasis on blessings and curses  fits neatly into early Christian belief.

Overview of Romans

The gospel reveals the covenant justice of God.

God has come to put the world to rights.

The good news is about God’s Son, and power is released when Jesus, the Crucified One, Israel’s Messiah, raised from the dead is proclaimed Lord of the World.

Mark in 1 Go

Yesterday I listened to (on my Bible Audio app) the Gospel of Mark in pretty much one sitting. Here are some notes on what struck me. There is the intensity of it. The intro about the Good News then the quotation mixing Malachi and Isaiah. Then soon we have the time is fulfilled. Miracles some…

Which came first the Didache or the Gospels?

The Didache definitely has common material with the gospel of Matthew. The Didache presents this as the teaching of the apostles; Matthew presents this as the teaching of Jesus. Is this a significant difference? Surely the followers of Jesus would follow Jesus, and his teaching, if they are faithful. The Didache does say the teaching…

Seutonius on Jesus

In Claudius 25 Suetonius refers to the expulsion of Jews by Claudius and states (in Edwards’ translation): “Since the Jews constantly made disturbances at the instigation of Chrestus, he expelled them from Rome.” In Acts of the Apostles (18:2) the writer makes the following parallel commentary “And he found a certain Jew named Aquila, a…

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Brief Summary of Apocrypha

Tobit Carried away captive to Nineveh. Had a political post with Shalmanesar. Tobit mentions his own righteousness, his givings to the poor, and particularly his burying of Jewish corpses left out. This annoyed the king. He says that those who give to the poor are blessed. He has a son called Tobias. One day Tobit is sleeping outside…

The Early Christians

Thoughts from a short book I read published by Day One. The conditions were good for the start of Christianity. The Greeks had spread their culture, and consequently language, far and wide throughout the Mediterranean. This meant only one language was really needed to communicate with people everywhere the early Christians went. The Romans had…