Sam, Michael and Anna

Once upon a time there were three children called Sam, Michael and Anna. Now these children were best friends and all went to the same school. One day it was RE. Today Miss T. Ollertant was teaching about Buddhism. She told the class that Buddhism was the best religion because it said that good things happened to nice people, and if you were really nice you would go to a special place. Miss T. Ollerant did not like Christianity because she thought that it was unfair. Why should she not get into heaven, she was very nice and had had a lot to put up with – many cheeky little kids for one.

Miss. T Ollerant had prepared a new activity, she wanted all of the children to sit cross legged and repeat magical words. This was just harmless stuff – humm, humm, and so forth. “Sit down and assume the position,” she said. Now Sam, Michael and Anna didn’t want to do this. It looked like magic and they were told in Sunday school that magic was wrong. They were also told that there was only one true way to God, that was through doing what Jesus told you and believing that he had died in your place. So they refused to obey, and stood together. Miss Ollerant was furious. “Why are you not joing in, sit down this instant.” “We are Christians,” Michael said, “and we don’t want to do this.” “Stay behind after shool and clean the toilets,” said Miss Ollerant. And so they did.

As they were cleaning the smelly toilets, Miss Ollerant came in with a broom. “Who can save you from me now,” she said. “Sit on the floor and say ‘humm’ twenty times or I will beat you with this stick!” “Our God can protect us from you, but even if he doesn’t we will not sit on the floor and ‘humm’. That’s a bad choice, and that’s that!” Miss Olerant became furious she picked up the stick and was about to hit them with it. Then however, God struck her blind. She stumbled all over the place and then fell head first down a toilet. “Help me, help me,” she said. The children caught her and pulled her out and washed away all the poo – the toilet in question had been out of use for a few days and was very smelly. Then Anna prayed, “Dear God, please open Miss Ollerant’s eyes and forgive her.” God opened her eyes and she could see again. From then on she was a different person and in RE only taught the truth!

The Call of Ezekial and thoughts on God

What does the call of Ezekiel teach about God – some notes.

Eyes – all seeing
Moving all over the place – Omnipresent (everywhere)
Throne above – in control
Noise – power
Great expanse – power
Living creatures – power

Agents/recipients of wrath

There are many examples in the Old Testament of people and nations being instruments of God’s justice only to find themselves later rebuked or destroyed themselves.

Jehu –  After destroying Ahab’s family (2 Kings 9,10) which seemed at the time to be accomplishing the purposes of God. We are later told that punishment will come to Jehu’s house because of this  (Hos 1:4).

Assyria – At one time instruments of wrath for punishing sinful Israel (Amos 2,3,9; Isa 10) are later to suffer judgement (Nahum, whole book).

Babylon – Again, used to punish Israel but will also suffer punishment. 

Were they ever doing God’s will?
Or did God just stop protecting his people?
Or did they go too far?