Category: Christian Spirituality

If not then what?

In this post I am thinking about the Old Testament. In particular, how do I know it is true? This will not be an answer more in note-ish form . What does it teach? That God created the world. He had some sort of early encounter...

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Deity of Jesus in Matthew

What would a Jew in the first century of thought of the Gospel of Matthew on first reading, given no prior knowledge of Christianity? What would they thought of Jesus? Would they have considered that he was portrayed as...

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My thoughts on current English denominations and their key aspects of Spirituality. Pentecostal – like to feel God, hear from God (prophecy), speak in tongues (want to see stuff)! Prophecy and the hope of revival very...

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Luther had some positive and negative influences on Christian Spirituality. His positive influences included his promotion of meditation on God’s word. For example his work A Simple Way to Pray, 1535. This was popular and...

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The Desert Fathers went to great lengths to find silence. How can modern Christians incorporate more silence into their lives? First I would like to say that often when people talk about practices that are acknowledged to be...

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