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The Desert Fathers

Of great importance to the idea of The Desert is the wanderings of Israel in the wilderness. Here we get the two images of “journey” and “desert” together. The Desert Fathers sought solitude so that they may experience a fuller vision of God undistracted from business and temptations. Often people who were not ready for solitude found that they did not make progress but fell deeper into sin. Cassian said that it was necessary to be prepared – to be perfect in fact – before going into the desert. Two major players were Anthony (c.291–396 AD) described as the Father of Monks and Pachomius (ca. 290–346), a former soldier. The latter was a gifted administrator and organizer, and it was he who devised the structure which became the foundation for Monasticism. An important event on the history of Desert Spirituality was the marriage of the Church to Rome, a consequence of the conversion of Constantine. Things became a bit too rosy for the church – obviously there were no longer any martyrdoms; Withdrawing from all that made life easy was seen as a type of martyrdom. The main features of Desert Spirituality were withdrawal, silence and continuous prayer. Those that withdrew from the world did not abandon it, but sought to hold it up in their...

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Christian Poverty

I don’t think modern Christians are particularly against poverty, but I think that the idea is strange to many of them. Jesus did say, “if you want to be perfect…” sell all your possessions. For many in the middle ages, poverty was thought of as being a necessary step on the journey to Christian perfection. They would renounce their possessions and get the minimum requirements by begging. I don’t like the idea of begging. I think it is wrong to beg from anyone especially unbelievers. Personally, I don’t like the idea of charity status or getting government grants. It is dangerous to be in the pocket of anyone, especially unbelievers. A recent example is St Paul’s, London cialis rezeptfrei legal. Their doorstep became the camp ground of Occupy London – a protest mainly against bankers and their gambling practices. However, St Paul’s received a lot of money from the Banks. This made things – complicated!Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download In matters of money people like C.T. Studd and George Muller are influential today, especially for charismatics. They think of having faith for whatever you need each day. This however can lead to people being very wasteful. They get say £10,000 and blow it all in one go expecting new reserves to come...

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