Month: November 2015

Notes – Early Medieval Notes 2

Early medieval notes 2 Crisis of Third Century Diocletian  Was awesome Saved the Roman empire Problems Problem of succession – how next one chosen Size Urban and rural  Cities draining country East west imbalance Armies – staffed by barbarians Problems of replacing generations Disease  Death childbirth Infant mortality Problems in 3rd century Invasions – Persian Back as far as Heroditus First western historian 370BC Persia on till 7th century Valerian captured by Persians Danube and Rhine – bulwarks against Barbarians Decius died 251 fighting goths 235 to 280 30 emperors Some lasting months  Assassinated by own troops – most How choose Sometimes family 2nd – choose Other – military leaders  Rome becoming less and less relevant  Rome 271 Aurelian walled the city  Third century Ruled by succession of generals Not rich Hold senate in contempt Not well educated  Donative – reward from new emperor Plotinus – flourished in third century New Platonist Big inflation problems Romans didn’t have debt financing Debase coinage – don’t put in as much silver or gold Go to buy stuff – price 50% up as coins not good Local elites – ruined Sardis People not interested who move in Interested in religions that cross borders Diocletian abdicated 305 Son of ex-slave From Dalmatia Under severe guidance empire reformed Empire militarised Changed in taxes Change and grow army Nearly doubled 200,000 to 400,000 No income...

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Notes – Early Middle Ages 1

Fall of Roman Empire Survival in east as Byzantium Barbarian invasions and kingdoms set up on ruins of rom empire Triumph of Christianity Survive extinction  Crisis of Roman Empire Legacy peculiar  Pope Latin Catholic Church best preserver of Roman Empire now After 5th century Byzantium Abandon Latin for Greek 6th 1453 end Other preserver is Islam Islam in area of Roman Empire Egypt Syria turkey Balkans How it endured for so long Why did it fail Why did it fall to more primitive Power of religious ideas Personally social politically The good emperors Edward Gibon 96 to 180 Happiness of people sole goal of government Roman Empire was not designed to reward ordinary people It’s laws were designed to protect the property of the rich  Surprisingly tolerant  Anyone could be citizens but must conform Diocletian Constantine Roman Empire was enduring, stable 410 pillaging – first time in 800 years. Empire 400 years old Only power to control all the Mediterranean. Others only 40% England to Sahara Spain to Armenia Gibon says Christianity was the cause of fall (18th century writing) Not accepted any more Rome tolerant but drew the line at Christianity Brought in Gods – Zeus one day Isis next Half of budget on empire Urban civilisation Cities had local gods and administration All cities laid out. You’d know laid out on grid – where market, law courts...

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