Month: January 2014

Should we reject the Gospels because of contradictions?

In a recent debate in Bradford (Mar 2012) between a Muslim and a Christian over the question of who Jesus was, the Muslim speaker simply read through a list of ‘contradictions’ in the Bible, mainly from the gospels, with no analysis – and then said that this proved the Bible was unreliable, and so should not be listened to. Moreover, that the Qur’an as perfect should be believed instead. In this post I will argue that nit picking the Gospels for contradictions and then considering them unreliable and accepting the Qur’an instead is at best naive and at worst...

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Is the Gospel of John Historical?

These are a few preliminary thoughts for an essay I will shortly write. Q. John’s portrayal of Jesus is so different to that in the Synoptics that some scholars have no confidence in its historicity. Discuss. Differences in accounts do not imply that one source is more historical than another. For example a newspaper account written shortly after a major event will be very different than an academic work written 30 years or maybe even hundreds of years later. Take for example the shooting of the Arch Duke Ferdinand in 1914. Immediately after the event it would have been...

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Deity of Jesus in Matthew

What would a Jew in the first century of thought of the Gospel of Matthew on first reading, given no prior knowledge of Christianity? What would they thought of Jesus? Would they have considered that he was portrayed as divine?Movie A Dog’s Purpose (2017) Consider the following events: He acted like he had authority to forgive sins He had control over angels; called them his angels He said he would sit at the right hand of God He said that he would judge all men on the day of Judgement He considered believers as his people Jesus said that he was the only one that truly knew God He had power over nature Jesus considered himself able to give commandments of his own authority He rose from the dead and raised others from the dead A voice from heaven (God) said that Jesus was his Son with whom he was well pleased.      ...

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